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Beside the notification in case of a failure the reporting features are an important instrument for error analysis especially after the issue is resolved.

Following we want to give you an overview about the reporting features we offer.

Base functionality for reporting

  • All received measurements are provided in realtime
  • All notifications during the last 14 days are accessible
  • Reporting time frames can be changed with one-click (daily, weekly, monthly, quartly, yearly)
  • Tabular and graphical presentation (pie and line chart) of the retrieved availability and performance measurements
  • For every event a detailed check report is provided
  • Export of the shown data possible

Reports by Email

Why checking reports online every day just let the desired reports come to you via email. You can define unlimited mail orders for the reports wheras the contained reports and the distribution list can be configured as well. Hence you are informed about any failure even when you are not directly notified about the issue.

Public Reports

Often you your customers or business partners should get access to reports. In this case you can send an online generated web link to your partners which grants them access (without authentification). When you create this link via the admin area you can define which reports should be accessible.

External Status Pages

In case of server or service breakdown you can inform your customers or employees with a status page about the current status and the progress of error recovery. You can also enter further information as text tigether with your company logo on this website. Furthermore this feature can be usedto display the availability of your services and can be linked into other pages.

Screen Shots
Graphical server availability Tabular server availability
Sample of a graphical availability report Sample of an availability report table


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