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When ServerGuard24 was founded in 2003 there were already a couple of monitoring services on the market. However none of them met the demands that the team from ServerGuard24 placed on really perfect server monitoring solution.

The solutions at the time were simply not flexible enough, nor were they scalable, and above all else they were not reliable. For instance, false alarms were a frequently occurrence, which in server monitoring is more than annoying and time consuming.

Unifying the best from performance and user friendliness

ServerGuard24 - Kunden

For this reason, the ServerGuard24-Team, which is made up of monitoring experts, programmers, and Linux administrators, decided to develop a completely new type of server monitoring system that finally unified two worlds with each other:

High-Performance Server Monitoring with an interface that is easy to service, that makes it possible even for beginners to optimally monitor servers and websites around the clock.

In this way ServerGuard24 is available 24/7/365, and has won the trust of many top international companies.

Good to know: You can rely on us in an emergency

ServerGuard24 - Support

In addition to the countless technical advantages of the ServerGuard24 solution it is our personal support that never fails to inspire.

Right now in critical situations, it is reassuring to know that you have experts on your side to assist and advise you. This is especially useful, for instance, in root cause analysis or in questions that go beyond pure monitoring.

Ist ServerGuard24 auch das perfekte Server Monitoring für Sie?

Try it for yourself: Test ServerGuard24 now for 30 days free of charge! In less than 3 minutes, ServerGuard24 can be implemented for you, without any annoying software installation. Yet another idea from ServerGuard24 that makes your life easier.


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