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Server Monitoring with a lot of new features

Server Monitoring with a lot of new features

The new ServerGuard24 release is live. After half a year of development, we are proud to support you even better with the new functions of ServerGuard24.

The new features in detail

New pricing model

  • New and attractive plans allow prices starting from $1 per check
  • Advanced and Premium plan include 1 respectively 2 transactions
  • You can buy SMS packages starting from $0.12 / SMS
  • All plans include the full functionality of ServerGuard24
  • All plans allow a check interval of 1 minute – without additional cost
  • Checks can be assigned to any number of servers – without additional cost
  • All checks include performance reports– without additional cost

For details, see http://www.serverguard24.com/plans.html

New and user-friendly user interface

  • You can disable/enable monitoring and notification of many checks with a few mouse clicks
  • A new menu bar contains frequently needed actions
  • Report of individual chosen time periods
  • And much more

A variety of small and large enhancements makes working with ServerGuard24 more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Consolidation and renaming of monitors (services)

  • HTTP get the features of the HTTP Pro Monitor. The HTTP Pro is being dropped.
  • HTTPS Pro is being integrated in the HTTP monitor
  • HTTPS Cert is renamed to SSL Cert
  • HTTP/S Perf is renamed to HTTP Perf

Improved monitoring features

  • The Server Check (Reference Service) is more reliable because of optimized scheduling
  • You can overwrite the server address in every check
  • Checks will be activated with 5 minutes maximum instead of 20 minutes
  • You can define when SMS notification will be sent for each contact

Dropped features because of little use

  • Comments for report events
  • Reset of reports (we do this on request)


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