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Linux / Windows Monitoring

Through the surveillance of local server parameters you can recognize at an early stage when the stabile system operations are endangered. Monitoring free drive space, the load, RAM capacity, processes and much more, is useful.
What exactly you want to monitor depends on the purpose of your server. For this we are offering you two possibilities.

Monitoring local server parameters via NPRE

The Local Monitor supports NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) and makes local server monitoring possible in doing so. It is required that NRPE be installed and configured to do this. As soon as this is dealt with you can use all Nagios Plugins for monitoring on your server.

Monitoring local server parameters via HTTP

The Local Web Monitor offers an additional possibility of server monitoring. For this we create (we gladly provide support) a script (PHP, Java, ASP, or the like) that carries out the desired tests. The Local Web Monitor calls this script regularly and notifies you when the test result is negative. With this you can monitor everything that can be tested with a script language on your server, and that is almost everything.

Monitoring web applications

The Local Web Monitor can do more. Monitor random aspects of your application. Whether it is purchase terminations, failed jobs, or entries in log files, everything can be easily tested with the Local Web Monitor. Of course, the test scripts can also be secured via authentication.

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