Discover the Server Monitoring Features

Server Monitoring

Easily and efficiently monitor the important aspects of your IT infrastructure.


Monitor the availability and performance of websites, the correct functioning of web applications, and the expiration of SSL certificates.


Monitor the availability and correct functioning of popular databases such as MySQL, MS SQL or PostGreSql.

Mail Server

In addition to checking classic mail services such as IMAP, POP3, and SMTP, we also offer an End2End email sending check as well as checking blacklist entries.

Server Services

Monitor your servers via PING or check server services such as DNS, TCP, SSH or FTP for availability and performance.

Linux / Windows

By monitoring any local server parameters such as CPU or memory usage, log files and much more, you can ensure that your server is functioning correctly.


We inspect your firewalls for open ports and thus ensure that attackers cannot exploit vulnerabilities in your firewall.

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Mobile Apps

Complete server monitoring on your smartphone with our monitoring apps.

ServerGuard24 iOS App

iOS App

Our iOS app offers a complete access of your server monitoring, evaluations, push notifications and much more on the iPhone.

ServerGuard24 Android App

Android App

Your server monitoring can also be controlled perfectly on Android. See the status of the checks, evaluations, and the configuration of your monitoring scenario.

ServerGuard24 Web App

Web App

As with our apps, the web app gives you access to all functions of your server monitoring. The web app works best as a bookmark on the home screen.

Download our native apps or use the web app.


In the event of an error, notifications are reliable and take only a few seconds. This way you can quickly react and fix the problem.

Email, SMS, Push, Telephone

Choose the notification that best suits your needs. Email for non-critical services and telephone for alarms at night.

Notify Systems via Webhooks

If notifications will be processed by systems, you can use our Webhooks and for example, easily connect ticket systems.

When and How You Want

Notifications can be flexibly configured, so that you can define who is to be alerted when and how, based on your requirements.

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Transactions emulate a user and perform actions automatically. You can thus check the correct functioning of web applications.

ServerGuard24 Transaction Manager

Browser Transactions

The user actions are carried out automatically in the browser and checked for a correct result. This form of transaction supports the complete functioning of modern websites. With the Transaction Manager, creating transactions is also extremely easy.

Server Transactions

Server transactions are automated and execute a sequence of POST and GET requests. This transaction is often used when monitoring APIs, for example.

Record transactions conveniently with the ServerGuard24 Transaction Manager.

ServerGuard24 Conntects

ServerGuard24 integrates perfectly into your network of customers, suppliers, and partners.

External Status Pages

Publish the current status of selected checks for your partners. Past availability can also be viewed on request.

Integrate Systems via API

Server monitoring can be easily integrated into your processes with the ServerGuard24 API. Almost every action can be automated via the API.

Automatically Send Reports

Automatically make reports available to your partners via email. This means that SLA reports can be automated extremely quickly.

If you have any questions about what we offer, please contact us.


Detailed reports of outages are the prerequisite for quick troubleshooting.

Availability Reports

Server Monitoring Availability Report;

The availability report contains details such as screenshots, source code, and meaningful error messages. This all helps to quickly find and eliminate the causes of the problem.

Performance Reports

Server Monitoring Performance Report

The performance report provides information about when a service is slow and which measuring point is detecting fast or slow values. In addition to aggregated data, we provide the results of each individual measurement on request.

Detailed Check Reports

Server Monitoring Check Report

Every outage is validated by three independent measuring points at short intervals. In the test report, we record which measuring point determined which result and when in detail.

Detailed Website Performance

Detailed Performance Monitoring Report

See exactly what is making your website slow. A clear presentation of the loading times of all website elements gives you the information you need.

Source Codes

Source Code View in the Check Report

Based on the website source code, you can quickly see what your website is delivering instead of the expected result, so you can react quickly.

Screen Shots

Server Monitoring Screenshot in the Check Report

With the screenshots, you can see at a glance what your website looked like in an error situation. This makes the analysis much easier for you.

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Time-saving Administration

When administering your monitoring scenario, we attach great importance to features
that make your work as easy as possible.

Groups and Permissions

With our permission concept, you determine exactly which user has read or write access to your data.

Planned Maintenance Windows

With the maintenance windows, you can pause server monitoring when there are planned breaks.

Easy Mass Changes

Configure a check and transfer any settings of this check to other checks with just a few clicks.