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Start your Server Monitoring in less than 3 minutes

ServerGuard24 is ready to use in a few mouse clicks and provides you with a multitude of functions. Individually configurable - depending on your thirst for knowledge or the requirements of your business. Try it now - currently 30 days free.

Server Monitoring

Monitor your websites and IT infrastructure

You can monitor all important aspects of your infrastructure with 23 monitors.

Check the accessibility, proper functionality and performance of your websites.

Monitor your mail server, databases, DNS services, firewalls, intranet server and much more.

Web Application Monitoring

Monitor the relevant functions of your web applications.

The ServerGuard24 Transaction Manager makes it easy, and no prior programming knowledge is required.

Record steps - play - start server monitoring - finished!

Notification in case of outages

Notification within seconds

You will immediately be notified by email, SMS and HTTP call if we detect a problem.

For SMS notifications, we establish a direct connection to the mobile communication providers.

This ensures that you receive the alarm SMS within a few seconds.

Less notifications

We reduce the number of alarms so that you can focus on the essentials.

You can define notification times, maintencance windows or dependencies between the checks.

This ensures that you only receive alarm notifications that are important to you.

Comprehensive Reporting

Availability Reports

A simple and lucid display informs you of the precise availability of every single check.

Zoom in on the charts for more detailed information about the error and which measuring points detected it.

Performance Reports

Detect any performance weaknesses in your website or IT systems.

Informative performance charts illustrate when and where performance problems occur.

Failure Analysis Information

We provide informative and detailed information such as source codes or screenshots.

This allows you to quickly find the cause of the problem in some minutes and to fix it right away.

External Status Pages for your Partners

You are working with external partners and want to make the availability of your IT systems more transparent?

If requested, our status pages can inform your partners about the current status and availability of your systems.

Transparency can be ensured with only a few mouse clicks.

Share Information

Mobile Apps

Our apps for iPhone and Android give you mobile access at any time and provide information about the status of your systems.

You can also activate or deactivate notifications and view evaluations.


Integrate ServerGuard24 in your system landscape via the API.

Easily and quickly integrate notifications, the current status check, evaluations or the controls for checks in your systems.
Test the ServerGuard24 server monitoring free of charge for 30 days with no obligation!

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