Server Services Monitoring

Optimize the monitoring of your servers with ServerGuard24

ServerGuard24 is your leading provider for professional server monitoring. With our tools and you can optimize the performance of your servers and minimize downtime. minimize downtime. Rely on our expertise and reliability to efficiently monitor your server infrastructure. efficiently.
The basis of error-free server operation is the accessibility of your servers on the Internet. With the help of PING monitoring, we check this every minute.

If you do not hear from us, your servers are working

Knowing that your IT infrastructure is running flawlessly is not only reassuring. You can concentrate fully on your business. And if an error does occur, you know about it before your customers do, thanks to ping monitoring, and can fix the problem before your customers even know about it. before your customers find out about it.

Detect Server Outages with PING monitoring

A PING is used to determine whether the server can be reached and is connected to the internet. To do this, small data packets are sent to the server and the response is then evaluated. This is usually the first step in error diagnosis to rule out connection problems.

The Ping Monitor sends a PING and triggers an alarm if there is no response or it takes too long.

Ping Monitor

Monitor SSH Servers

SSH is the most widely used service to connect to a server’s console or to exchange files with the server. A connection to the server is usually not possible without an executable SSH server.

The SSH Monitor checks whether the SSH service is available and responding correctly.

SSH Monitor

Monitor FTP Servers

File transfer via FTP is frequently used. The availability of the FTP service is particularly important where files are regularly transferred as part of system integration.

The FTP Monitor checks whether the FTP server service is available and responding with the correct status message.

FTP Monitor

Monitor Other Servers

Servers usually provide their services via a port and the TCP protocol. If the server does not respond to a request on its port, there is either an outage or at the very least it cannot be reached.

The TCP Monitor reliably recognizes this by regularly requesting the server port and checking the response.

TCP Monitor

Our focus at ServerGuard24 is on reliability and first-class support. We offer you a smooth and reliable monitoring of your network connections. Thus, our dedicated support team is is always available to help you with questions, problems or technical concerns and to make sure that your ping monitoring or monitoring of other server services works optimally.

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How does ping monitoring work to monitor network connections?

With ping monitoring, ICMP echo requests (ping) are regularly sent to specific network devices or server. Response times and any packet loss are measured to ensure performance and availability to monitor the network connection. This continuous monitoring allows bottlenecks to be identified and appropriate measures could be taken to optimize the stability and performance of the network connections.

What advantages does ServerGuard24 offer in the area of ping monitoring?

ServerGuard24 offers a user-friendly interface that allows all relevant information to efficiently capture and manage network infrastructure. With the extensive functionality of the Ping Monitoring Services enable customers to identify potential problems early and take proactive action to address them to minimize downtime. In addition, ServerGuard24 guarantees reliability and offers a fast and competent support to ensure that the ping monitoring system works optimally and maximum operating time is reached.

Why is ping monitoring useful?

Without a functioning network connection, a server can usually not provide its services. Thats why it is also so important to monitor the availability of the network connection with a powerful ping monitoring service.
But faulty connections with packet losses or poor performance are also reliably detected by ping monitoring.