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Mail Server Monitoring

Why don't I receive email?

The most probable cause is a down mail server. A functioning mail infrastructure is a requirement today for a functioning business. If a mail server is down, this in particular can have unpleasant consequences for companies.

Be certain that you are able to receive emails

Test with our IMAP and POP3 Monitor, if your mail server is really in the condition to receive emails. In addition to accessibility, we test if your mail server is also working correctly with a status request. If this is not the case you will promptly receive an SMS from our server monitoring system.

In this way you can also at times, in which you are not receiving any emails, be certain that you mail server is working.

Avoid that your mails are rated as spam

In case your mail server is listed on one of the numerous spam blacklists, the email receiver won't get your mail or the email will be stored in the spam folder.
The Blacklist Monitor checks periodically the leading blacklists if your mail server is listed.

Ensure E-mail delivery

Email delivery takes on an SMTP server in the majority of cases. Monitor your SMTP server with the SMTP Monitor. As with receiving mail, we check accessibility and correct function through a status request of your STMP server.

A complete test of your email infrastructure with the round trip test

If you want to play it safe, just monitor the email delivery and receipt with our EMAIL Monitor. With this we automate and regularly send an email over your SMTP server and check after a certain period if this can be called up over your IMAP or POP3 server. In this way you are guaranteed to find existing errors in your email infrastructure.

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