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Database SQL Server Monitoring

Databases are the heart of every web application

There is surely no web application that gets along without a database. If the database doesn't work, the web application will also not work. Therefore server monitoring of the database should be particularly regarded and this should be checked in short intervals.

Monitor databases like MySQL, PostGreSQL, or MS SQL

For these popular databases we offer server monitoring with the MySQL Monitor, PostGreSQL Monitor and MS SQL Monitor. The database monitor check your database, by connecting with it and carrying out a status request. If this is not successful, you will be notified.

Individual database monitoring

When a pure status request is too little for you and you would like to monitor replication, singular DB parameters or the integrity of the tables, just use our Local Web Monitor. In doing so you create a script, with which you perform the check and produce the result. The Local Web Monitor queries the script and notifies you when it does not correspond to the expected result.

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