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Website Monitoring

No success without high availability

Do you know of a successful website that is frequently offline? Those that want to have success in eCommerce, need to have a reliable web presence that is accessible around the clock.

Error messages or long loading times come across as unprofessional and deter customers. And who really wants to be made aware of the fact that their own website is not accessible by their own customers?

Websites are often complicated

The simple website with a couple of pages is generally the exception on the web today. Websites mostly make multiple functions available to their users. If a website is going to function without error, a number of components need to work together seamlessly.

When one of the components is missing or doesn't work without errors, the entire website also won't work. Quickly recognizing and reporting such problems, is the task of a server monitoring system. This is because only problems that are known can be fixed.

This is how your website is monitored

Our HTTP Monitor checks when desired every minute, if your website is accessible or not. It is also critical that the contents are displayed correctly. We check this with search results, regular expressions or the minimum size of a website. If we catch an error, you will be notified and you are then able to quickly reproduce the error with a snapshot and the source code that we supply.

Be certain that your web application procedures are working

If you are running a web application like a shop, important processes like registration, product searching and the shopping basket, need to work without error.
With the ServerGuard24 Transaction Manager clicks and user entries are quickly and easily logged. You can record this in automated Server Monitoring with less clicks.

Speed is everything?

Quick response times are expected by website users. It is more frustrating when the website is slower, without you noticing, because for instance a Cron Job generates a high burden or the resources run out.
The HTTP Perf Monitor recognizes when your website gets slow and notifies you.

What else can happen?

An expired SSL certificate creates an ugly error message in the browser. Our SSL Cert Monitor informs you quickly before a certificate expires.

If a domain (e.g. www.serverguard24.de) is wrongly closed due to an error in the DNS, the website cannot be displayed. The Domain Monitor checks from various locations, if an address is correctly resolved or not. In this way you can notice errors immediately in the name resolution.

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