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Server Services Monitoring

A PING please!

The PING Monitor is one of the most frequently used tests with ServerGuard24. One can easily determine if the server is fundamentally working and has a connection to the Internet or not. During a PING small data packets are sent to the server, that then sends a response packet back. The duration of the response is call the Round Trip Time and makes an inference regarding the performance of the Internet connection possible.
We notify you when you server does not respond or when the duration of the response exceeds a certain threshold value.

Monitor server services like SSH, FTP, or DNS

For the common server services we offer the monitor FTP, DNS and SSH. With their help you can be certain that your FTP server works as desired, the DNS server is correctly resolved and the SSH service makes a connection to your server possible.

TCP for everything

All server services that communicate with other services generally have a commonality, they use ports and the TCP protocols. The TCP Monitor monitors this service by addressing them on your port and evaluates the responses. This is done so that you can monitor all TCP based services that are installed on your server.

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