Server Services Monitoring

Detect Server Outages

A PING is used to determine whether the server can be reached and is connected to the internet. To do this, small data packets are sent to the server and the response is then evaluated. This is usually the first step in error diagnosis to rule out connection problems.

The Ping Monitor sends a PING and triggers an alarm if there is no response or it takes too long.

Ping Monitor

Monitor SSH Servers

SSH is the most widely used service to connect to a server’s console or to exchange files with the server. A connection to the server is usually not possible without an executable SSH server.

The SSH Monitor checks whether the SSH service is available and responding correctly.

SSH Monitor

Monitor FTP Servers

File transfer via FTP is frequently used. The availability of the FTP service is particularly important where files are regularly transferred as part of system integration.

The FTP Monitor checks whether the FTP server service is available and responding with the correct status message.

FTP Monitor

Monitor Other Servers

Servers usually provide their services via a port and the TCP protocol. If the server does not respond to a request on its port, there is either an outage or at the very least it cannot be reached.

The TCP Monitor reliably recognizes this by regularly requesting the server port and checking the response.

TCP Monitor