Monitor Web Applications with the Transaction Manager

ServerGuard24 Transaction Manager

Monitoring of Functions and Processes instead of Individual Pages

Most websites are not limited to displaying content, but offer the user a number of functions. Even simple shops require shopping basket functions, registration, search, and much more.
If you want to ensure that your website´┐Żs functions work properly, you can monitor them with the Transaction Manager.

Record and replay automatically

To do this, log field entries and mouse clicks in the Transaction Manager. Content checks at certain points of the transaction allow you to ensure that a function works properly. Once you have saved the transaction, the automatic monitoring can begin.
Simply add a TransAct Browser check and link the check to the transaction.

Screenshots and source code for reporting

You will be notified, if a monitored function does not work properly. In this process, we provide you with a screenshot and that source code of the faulty page.

System Requirements


ServerGuard24 Transaction Manager 1.5.8

It is possible that Microsoft Defender is blocking the installation. In this case click on "More information" and then click "Install anyway".