Database Server Monitoring

Detect Database Outages

There is likely no web application that can do without a database. If the database is not running, then the web application is also not running. For this reason, particular attention should be paid to the database during server monitoring and it should be checked at short intervals.

For these popular databases, we offer server monitoring with the MySQL Monitor, mongoDB Monitor, PostGreSQL Monitor and MS SQL Monitor.
The database monitor checks your database by connecting to it and makes a status query. If this is not successful, you will be alerted.

MySQL Monitor | mongoDB Monitor | MS SQL Monitor | PostGreSQL Monitor

Monitor Database Details

If the status query is not enough for you and you’d like to monitor replication, individual DB parameters or the integrity of the tables, simply use our Local Web or the Local Monitor.

You or we create a script in which you carry out the test and output the result. The Local Web Monitor queries the script and alerts you if it does not match the expected result.

Local Web Monitor | Local Monitor